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Azziad: I made millions at 19 years after ‘Utawezana’ challenge

Azziad Nasenya, a popular content creator, shared her experience of making money through her craft during a recent event organised by the Sanaa Academy.

Narrating how she made her first-ever earnings, Azziad revealed that it came from a viral video challenge of the song ‘Utawezana’.

The video went viral and within a month, she received a whopping Ksh. 200,000.

She expressed surprise at the significant amount she received from just one video at the young age of 19. Azziad went on to say that she has since grown in the industry and continues to make money from content creation.

“That was the first money I ever made. I got 200,000 a month after the viral video. One video? I was surprised at that huge amount of money,” she said.

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Her success story is an inspiration to many young people who want to venture into the world of content creation.

When asked about her rapid rise to fame and whether she was ready, Azziad said she was prepared.

“I was prepared. That is why I got a manager very early and I still had my other things going.”

The dancer has commented in the past on being compared to ‘Githeri man’, whose two seconds of fame disappeared almost as quickly as it came.

“The difference between me and Githeri Man is that I was prepared for fame. Fame is something we knew was coming.”

The TikTok sensation also defended her rates, saying it was important to know your worth and charge accordingly, adding that if someone charged a million shillings for their work and they were worth it, then they should be paid without question.

Azziad also shared how she had been body shamed when people compared her old photos with her current ones, which she kept as a reminder of her journey to self-improvement.

According to her, people tend to only want to be associated with celebrities once they have achieved success, but not before.

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