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Azziad’s manager speaks after she walked out of a live interview

Azziad Nasenya allegedly walked out of a live interview with Mwende Macharia after being asked about her alleged firing from Talanta Hela Council.

The incident, which unfolded during a TikTok live stream from the Radio Maisha, has sparked a debate regarding journalistic boundaries and personal privacy.

The interview initially seemed to be proceeding smoothly until Mwende introduced a subject that both parties had seemingly agreed not to discuss.

As soon as the question was posed, Azziad visibly expressed her displeasure, clearly indicating that she felt uncomfortable with the line of inquiry.

Without hesitation, she walked out of the studio, stating that the question was inappropriate and violated their prior understanding.

The incident quickly gained attention on social media, with many expressing their support for Azziad’s decision to protect her privacy during the interview.

Back in studio, Mwende is heard conversing with her producer as she instructs her to post the video as it was.

Some individuals have defended Mwende’s line of questioning, asserting that journalists have a responsibility to ask tough questions and pursue the truth, even if it means venturing into uncomfortable territory.

They contend that public figures, including social media personalities, should be prepared to address relevant and sometimes challenging issues, as their actions and public image often have an impact on their audience and followers.

Nairobi News reached out to Peter Kawa, Azziad’s manager, regarding the matter, but he declined to comment at the time, stating, “No comment, please.”

In an attempt to gather further information, Nairobi News also made an effort to contact Mwende Macharia, but she did not answer the call.

During the interview, Azziad also addressed the issue of haters who eagerly anticipate her downfall.

She shared her perspective.

“People have been waiting for me to stumble on numerous occasions. The fact that I continue to progress angers them. However, having a supportive team and maintaining a strong prayer life make a significant difference. When others engage in online battles, I fight mine on my knees. We are fighting different battles.”

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