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Bishop Pius Muiru explains special relationship with ‘son’ Pastor Ezekiel Odero

Maximum Miracle Centre founder Bishop Pius Muiru on Thursday, May 4, 2023 spoke about his relationship with embattled Pastor Ezekiel Odera who is currently being held in police cells as investigations continue into 15 deaths linked to his church.

Speaking to the media, Bishop Muiru said Pastor Ezekiel was saved during one of the crusades he held in Tononoka, Mombasa City in 2000.

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Ezekiel Odera then joined the Maximum Miracle Church as a pianist and later became an evangelist outside the Maximum Miracle Centre Church.

“He later returned to us and we prayed together during a period when he and his wife were struggling to have children. God then blessed him with children as you can see in the media now.

What turned Pastor Ezekiel’s ministry around was when I came to Mtwapa for a crusade a few years ago and he had also planned a crusade but did not know I was coming.

When he saw that mine was going on, he stopped his crusade and packed up all his instruments and came to the crusade that his father (Muiru) was holding. He gave us support, an audience and everything else. He also asked me to visit him the following Sunday in Majaoni,” Bishop Muiru began.

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He went on to reveal that he visited Pastor Ezekiel as planned and saw that his church was just starting and wasn’t as big as it is today.

He went on to reveal that he did something at the church that is still remembered today. Bishop Muiru said he took off his shoes and gave them to Pastor Ezekiel and walked with the anointing that was placed on him.

In return, Bishop Muiru took Pastor Ezekiel’s old shoes.

“From there, Ezekiel’s ministry grew and he preached on our television station, especially when the coronavirus was spreading in the country. God came and blessed him. He is someone I am close to,” added Bishop Muiru.

He went on to say that he visited Pastor Ezekiel in the prison cells after getting permission from the Station Commander to take the beleaguered pastor aside and ask him if all the allegations against him were true. Pastor Ezekiel apparently denied everything.

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He went on to claim that Pastor Ezekiel is a “safe bet” who lives for the glory of God.

The state is currently holding Pastor Ezekiel at Shanzu police station while investigating his links to Kilifi cult leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie, who is being held after more than 70 of his followers were found dead and buried in mass graves in Shakahola forest.

The dead had been encouraged by the cult leader to starve themselves to death in order to meet Jesus.

It is alleged that some of Pastor Ezekiel’s followers, who also died in suspicious circumstances, were also found buried in the Shakahola forest on land linked to Paul Mackenzie.

A mortuary owner with premises near Pastor Ezekiel’s church also complained of receiving too many bodies from the Pastor’s church premises.

Pastor Ezekiel is also said to have bought land from Pastor Mackenzie including a television station.

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