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Boutross’ ‘Angela’ entrances Fiji Dance Group on viral TikTok

The infectious beats of ‘Angela’ by singer Mwebia Munene, aka Boutross, have captured the hearts of TikTok users around the world, thanks to a captivating rendition by Fijian dance group Auds_vais.

Comprising six talented girls, Auds_vais set the internet alight when they shared their energetic performance of ‘Angela’ on the popular social media platform TikTok.

The video quickly gained traction, with many users tagging Boutross to catch a glimpse of the electrifying dance routine.

“The way Boutross is trending in Polynesia and Oceania, I hope he does a tour there because they really love his music,” said an excited fan identified as Sina Source.

The video’s reception has been met with enthusiastic responses from viewers in various regions.

Sam remarked, “Hii ndio Women’s guild ya huko Fiji ama? Mmmh they got rhythm, they also seem like they’re having fun,” while _candy chimed in, “Another one from 254 am from Tanzania please listen to sukar By Zuchu you will like it.

Adding to the chatter, AbdiRahman Moha Ar humorously commented, “Hapo sasa Angie from clubs in Nairobi to kind innocent-looking women listening to Boutross”.


Another one wit the gurlsssđŸ€đŸ’™

♬ original sound – Hauky Irata >

In a previous interview, Boutross reflected on the unexpected journey of ‘Angela’ and its profound impact on his career.

“I actually thought it would be a hit, but not a mega hit. 5 billion views and it was all over. I didn’t know that you could go to places like mashinani (villages) and someone just knows you, even old people who have seen their grandchildren watching your song. And TikTok was crazy,” the rapper said.

Contrary to popular belief, Boutross clarified that “Angela” was not inspired by a real person. Instead, it was intended as a phrase to symbolise individual preferences in relationships.

“Every man has his own preferences, so when they say, ‘That’s my Angela,’ it means that’s my girl,” Boutross explained.

The rapper revealed that the creation of ‘Angela’ was spontaneous, describing it as a “mistake” born out of time constraints during a recording session.

“The song was made by mistake and actually it wasn’t supposed to be recorded, there was another song that was supposed to be recorded but we ran out of time so we decided to just record something to pass the time. It turned out to be the biggest song that would change our lives,” admitted Boutross.

Since its release in January 2023, ‘Angela’ has become a youth anthem, cementing Boutross’ status as a musical powerhouse.