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Boutross Munene: ‘Sitaki kuoa dame amesota!’

Kenyan rapper Boutross Munene has shared his perspective on relationships and financial compatibility.

The rapper shared his thoughts during an interview revolving around his stance on dating financially challenged women.

“A girl will tell you I can’t date a broke man, yet she is broke herself?” Boutross said, while voicing his frustration with the double standard.

The rapper said it’s important for couples to reciprocate on such matters.

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“A girl says I can’t date a broke man, then she comes to eat my hard-earned money? Let me look for a woman with priorities the same as me.”

He said it’s important for both partners to bring something valuable to the table.

“Mi sitaki kuoa dame amesota. Kuchapa kulea nini? I mean, as a man, you have to provide. You have to be the King to make your Queen happy. At the same time, that Queen too should bring in something,” he said.

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While Boutross clarified that he harbors no animosity towards financially challenged women, he said has a preference for a life partner who shares his vision of building an empire together.

“To each his own. Me, I don’t like that; I like a woman with initiative, who is doing her thing. I like independent women who think for themselves.”

The rapper spoke about his desire to build a future with a woman of equal capacity and ambition.

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His sentiments is shared by many Kenyan men who feel disheartened when labeled as financially inadequate while observing some women choosing older, wealthier partners.

In a previous interview with Oga Obinna in January, Boutross said he prefers dating older women but clarified that his interest lies in those with a mature mindset rather than a specific age bracket.

“I prefer big older women, not older ati ile ya 30, 45 no no no,” he said.