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Caught pants down: Crazy Kennar blames the devil for his ‘promiscuity’

Men will do anything but accept responsibility when it comes to matters of infidelity. Even when they are caught red-handed and in the act, it seems.

And whom better to blame for one’s indiscretions in this “God-fearing country” than the devil?

Crazy Kennar’s It’s the Devil skit has left netizens’ ribs aching as his character is caught in the act with Yvonne Khisia’s character.

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In the skit, Bushara, playing the wife, asks what it is she’s witnessing. Without hesitation Kennar goes, “It’s the devil!”.

The next scene shows the devil in hell, caught by surprise at his inclusion in something he apparently knew nothing about.

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Eventually, while still blaming the devil, the husband dies and comes face-to-face with the devil and is embarrassed by how he will start explaining about how he brought the devil into the mix of something he did out of his own free will.

Crazy Kennar and his crew usually find a way of bringing up real life situations in a humorous way. They hit the nail on the head with this skit as more and more people are cheating their way in relationships nowadays.

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