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Oops! Content creation is hard! Ombachi discovers after his food accidentally spills

Kenya sevens rugby player Dennis Ombachi aka the Roaming Chef had one of those moments every content creator dreads after the food he was removing from the oven accidentally spilled.

On his socials, Ombachi shared the video lamenting how expensive content creation is.

“Excuse my language but now who’s supposed to pay for this, content creation is hard,” Ombachi captioned the video.

In the video, Ombachi is seen carefully removing the food from the oven but accidentally the lid slips making the food spill.

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The video has drawn numerous reactions from his fans, with some empathizing with him.

In a past interview, Ombachi revealed that his love for cooking started way back when he was still young.

He recounted how back then he would stay around his mother watching her cooking.

“I love being next to my mom. I watched her cook for us and that’s how my cooking passion developed,” Ombachi said.

“By just watching how my mom did her cooking, I learnt some skills which I knew would help me in the future,” he said.

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The Roaming Chef also revealed that his appetite for food also played a big role in him perfecting his cooking skills.

“I am a big eating and cooking fan. Because of this, I had to train myself on how to make different recipes,” he said.

Apart from cooking for himself, Ombachi also shares videos on social media of him cooking and the different recipes for his fans to try at home.

He has invested in his cooking skills by buying cameras to record himself while cooking and shares with his viewers.

Ombachi, has represented Kenya in numerous international rugby tournaments, including the 2013 Rugby Sevens World Cup in Russia and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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