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Choppers, champagne and glam at Vera Sidika’s gender reveal party

Socialite Vera Sidika and RnB singer Brown Mauzo are expecting a baby boy. The couple found out together with their family and friends at the ender reveal party.

Mauzo and Sidika went all out in a chic event and had a helicopter spray the colour blue in the sky.

“OMG I am screaming, we having a boy. A dream come true. I finally have my boy; our first ender reveal party was epic. this time we wanted something unique and different so we went for a chopper reveal. Asia’s is daddy’s girl we will finally have mommy’s boy. I am so grateful to God for our growing family,” Vera Sidika said.

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The couple announced that they were expecting a second child on December 19, 2022.

Through her social media platforms, the mother of one shared the good news by posting her baby bump photo, revealing how excited she was.

Vera, at the time, was seven months pregnant, but although her fans had been speculating she was pregnant, not a single photo leaked before she made the official announcement.

She later revealed the tactics she used to hide her building midsection from her prying and ever-curious social media in-laws.

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Vera said she wore baggy clothes until she ran out of ideas.

“It was such a struggle. Fur coats and handbags did the hiding job so well,” she said, adding that she had not announced her pregnancy because she was not ready yet.

On how she found out she was pregnant with her second child, Vera said she had been fatigued and she suspected all was not going on so well.

“I was still breastfeeding Asia and so it was impossible to know that i was pregnant since i had not gotten my periods.”

Vera’s firstborn child, Asia Brown, turned one year in October last year.

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