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Comedian Njugush ‘proposes’ to Wakavinye at the London Eye

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda, popularly known as Wakavinye, had a successful performance in Swindon, UK.

The couple staged their annual show titled Through Thick and Thin (TTNT 4), in the UK on Saturday, 6 May, and it was a huge success.

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Njugush expressed his gratitude and shared some of the show’s highlights, thanking everyone who supported them during their performance.

Njugush thanked his fans and described the show as “an amazing experience! Thank you to everyone who wished us well.

“U.K., you set the standard for TTNT 4. Your presence was truly appreciated, the love was undeniable.

“We would like to thank @risiihinvestments for making this possible, as well as @blesskilundah and @blessentertainmentuk,” the couple said on their Instagram page.

Wakavinye also wrote: “TTNT 4 in the UK was a success! If that’s not God, I don’t know what is.”

Kenyans also chimed in, congratulating the couple on their new achievement.

This was Njugush and Wakavinye’s first international show and they also had the opportunity to visit Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium.

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The couple shared another video on their social media platform, this time at the London Eye, where Njugush pretended to propose to Wakavinye as their fans cheered them on.

Wakavinye wrote in the caption that from now on she would tell everyone that her husband proposed to her at the London Eye.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, the comedian revealed that the fourth episode of her stand-up comedy show would be held at two venues, Swindon and KICC.

When asked about their earnings from the previous shows, Njugush revealed that they had made losses during the first show.

He explained, “We made a lot of mistakes in the first shows that ended up costing us.

However, with TTNT 4, we are optimistic that we will have a successful show and utilise all available monetisation channels.

We will make sure that everything is properly accounted for. Even though we lost money during TTNT 1, the second and third shows were profitable and people went home with something.”

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