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Danson Mungatana: How I lost millions of shillings in get-rich-quick scam

Tana River senator Danson Mungatana has revealed the details of how he lost millions of shillings to a West African in a get-rich-quick scam. While testifying at the at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi, Mungatana narrated how he duped into the scam by Chad national Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro.

Having been presented with an investment opportunity, Mungatana was asked by the accused to make an initial investment of Sh5 million.

“I didn’t have it in cash so I looked from my friends, relatives and my brothers. I told them in six months I will pay back double because it was a good business that I had done before. Again, after six months, the accused person, true to his word, gave me back Sh10 million. And all these transactions were in cash,” Mungatana told the court.

The Senator said fell for the con game because the accused person had inspired confidence in him and he never suspected anything fishy.

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“When you go to his place even now, you find big vehicles. His apartment is rich in furniture. He has many servants who are watching over him and treat him as he is their king. Every time you go there you have no reason to think that your money has any risk and given the history of returns, I was confident that it was okay,” Mungatana testified.

After receiving his Sh10 million, Mungatana was called again by Mr Kouro, who asked him to make a huge investment of a million dollar.

“At that time, the exchange rate was Sh76. I believed everything would be okay. So I started looking for that money. I sold properties that were in my name, I sold shares both in my name and in my late wife’s name. We had cars that had logbooks in our names. We went to banks and took short term loans over those logbooks,” he told the court.

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He also testified how he even his family home worth Sh70 million in Karen and all the wealth he had accumulated. Mungatana said he had debts from family, banks and sold everything converted the money into dollars and sent it to Mr Kouro.

Thereafter, he told the court, things took a turn for the worse since he could not afford school fees for his children while some of his creditors and friends sued him for failing to service the loans.

“Your honour, I lost everything. My late wife died without knowing the truth that I was conned, she thought I gave out the home to another woman,” he said.

Mungatana also blamed media for victimizing him, saying they made a mockery out of him.

“I became a slave for him (Mr Kouro). Borrow this take. Save this take. Get to an agreement with people take,” he said.

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