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‘Deras are for mistresses’: Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s most controversial teachings

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Church located in Mavueni, Kilifi County continues to gain global fame for his miraculous works as well as his preaching, controversial or otherwise.

He is known to attract a gathering of thousands of people wherever he preaches, with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s wife, Dorcas Rigathi, among his most faithful congregants.

While his good deeds, such as shelling out Sh6.6million to educate more than 100 children, have earned him respect and admiration, his controversial preaching has similarly earned him the side eye, especially from those who are not part of his congregations.

Here are some of Pastor Odero’s most controversial preaching;

Married women with dreadlocks are set to be divorced – In one of his services, Pastor Odero warned women against putting on dreadlocks, saying it would prevent them from get married. He went as far as saying those who were already married and have dreadlocks would soon be divorced. He also told men that if they saw their wives putting on dreadlocks, they were on their way out of the marriage too.

Wristbands are demonic – In a past service, Pastor Odero took exemption with a man who appeared to be in a troubled marriage and had a wristband on his left hand. Pastor Odero told the man that the wrist band was the reason his marriage was troubled. He cautioned all men and women against wearing wristbands.

“There’s nothing you’ll put on that will never dictate your life. Any man with that wristband, please talk to them. Kuna moto inawaka pahali… pengine imewaka imeteketeza kila kitu na sana huwa inachoma bedroom (There is a fire burning somewhere and it’s probably burning everything he has, especially in the bedroom),” preached Pastor Odero.

Deras are for mistresses – A dera is a flowing loose dress worn by women who do not feel like having clothes hugging their skin. According to Pastor Odero, deras are demonic and are worn by women who set out to destroy other people’s marriages.

Selling of ‘holy’ items – Pastor Odero sells holy water and handkerchiefs to his congregants at Sh100 each, saying it is both a means to keep that church department running and for people to receive healing. In a past interview with the Sunday Nation the man of God said he prays for ordinary water which he then sells to people across the world.

“When I pray, I believe it (the water) has power and when they use it they are going to be healed. I believe this is more significant than going to the burial of my congregant,” he said.

However, he was quick to clarify that it is God who heals and that he is only a ‘vessel.’

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