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Details of Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray’s rollercoaster romance

The relationship between businessman Kennedy Rapudo and socialite Amber Ray has captured the public’s attention.

In an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, Rapudo revealed the story of their love journey, from their initial meeting to the recent addition to their family – a daughter.

The couple’s paths crossed during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic at DNM Park in Mountain View.

However, their connection faced obstacles as they both were dating other people at the time.

Despite his attraction to Amber, he chose not to pressure her, opting to give her space.

“I met her when I was in another relationship and I didn’t want to pressure her,” he said.

“But I liked her so much. I separated and went to look for her but she was in another relationship. I backed up off her again.”

Amber Ray’s initial intentions were quite different, as she had planned to introduce Rapudo to one of her friends after he broke up with his then-girlfriend.

“She had invited me to meet her friends and introduce me to one of her girls. She did not know I wanted her. Later she invited me again and I found her with a foreigner. I left the place. After a month or two, she was single,” he said.

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Their relationship experienced its share of ups and downs, marked by moments of uncertainty and separation.

Rapudo admitted that theirs was not a seamless journey, but he saw something worth pursuing in Amber beyond her social media persona.

“We met for drinks severally and I realized she was different from what people say about her on social media. I saw some worth in her and decided to date her. We let things flow and we did not force anything. We became friends before the relationship and as they say, If you like it, crown it,” he explained.

Asked about what unique she saw in him, Rapudo said he proved he was genuine to her, unlike other men she had dated before.

“She did not date genuine men before. Other men she dated before me were there because they wanted to trend, others for Nyash. I am there because of Nyash, yes but there is more to that,” he joked.

Addressing the intricacies of their relationship, Rapudo disclosed that, like any couple, they faced their own challenges.

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Messages and insecurities were sources of friction, but over time, they developed trust and strategies to navigate their differences.

“When we met, we used to fight a lot especially because of messages. She doesn’t fight but she is kichwa ngumu (hard-headed). She is ever happy. She used to be insecure about people who texted me. We still fight but we have found ways of resolving it.”

“Women fear Amber Ray so much, they have stopped sending me messages,” Rapudo noted.

Rapudo touched upon a brief period of breakup but brushed it off, indicating it was not a significant memory for him.

As they move forward as partners and parents, Rapudo advised others to focus on their own happiness and personal growth.

He encouraged men to be intentional and sincere in their pursuit of a life partner, emphasizing the importance of making their loved ones happy.

“My advice to men is to be intentional with the woman you meet for a wife. Don’t play her too much. When you meet the love of your life, you do anything to make her happy.”

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