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DJ Mo surprises his wife Size 8 on ‘The Trend’ show during her birthday

Gospel singer and pastor Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, celebrated her birthday on Friday,  August 4, with her fans live on air.

Last night, during her appearance on ‘The Trend’ with DK Kwenye Beat to promote her song, Size 8 was surprised and brought to tears when her husband, DJ Mo, orchestrated a heartwarming surprise.

Moya David walked in, dressed in a white outfit and carrying gifts for the celebrant.

He went on to dance with Size 8 and handed her gifts he had brought for her, including a birthday card.

Before she finished reading the card, Size 8 was more surprised by the sight of her husband and their two children with gifts in hand filled her with joy and excitement, making her birthday even more special.

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DJ Mo had penned a heartwarming message for his beloved wife, celebrating her as his “special gift from God.”

He expressed his love and appreciation for Size 8, highlighting her roles as a wife and a loving mother to their children.

“Happy birthday to my woman, my queen, my wifey, and the amazing mother of my kids. You’re my special gift from God. I enjoy doing life with you. You’re simply the best baby. I Celebrate you, I appreciate you, and I love you. Check your M-Pesa.”

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The day began with Size 8 sharing a heartfelt confession on her Instagram page about the miraculous nature of her life.

She revealed that she was almost miscarried during her mother’s pregnancy, but by the grace of God, she survived.

“…Many of you don’t know that if it was not for the Lord Jesus Christ I would not have ever existed… From my mother’s womb, the devil wanted to kill me my mother almost aborted me but the Doc told her if she does it she might die that’s how I survived…. ”

Her life, she believes, is a testament to God’s protection and purpose for her existence.

Size 8’s emotional post touched on the challenges she faced, including high blood pressure that threatened her well-being on numerous occasions.