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Dorea Chege apologizes for saying she wants to earn more than her fiancé

Kenyan actress Dorea Chege has apologized to her fiancé DJ Dibul for publicly saying she prefers dating men who earn less than her.

Dorea made the remarks on live TV when she said she prefers dating a man who doesn’t earn as much as she does.

The actress was responding to a question on deal breakers in relationships in the ‘Mr Right’ hosted by Dr Ofweneke and Diana Marua.

“Number one, if he is broke! Not that I love his money since I have my money, but I also want to be above him. I love controlling,” she said.

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Her remarks sparked mixed reactions among the viewers, with some questioning Dorea’s preference for financial superiority in a relationship.

But while making the apology, the former Maria actress said her remarks almost ended their relationship.

“I am very sorry babe for the statement I made. Please forgive me,” Dorea said.

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She said she regrets her remarks which were interpreted by some as disrespect to her boyfriend.

“You know there are statements you say in public without knowing the impact they have on other people. So baby, I am sorry and I acknowledge my mistake and I own up,” Dorea said.

The two lovebirds are engaged and have been sharing their love life online. They two have revealed that they fell in love on their first date, after Dorea slid into Dibul’s DMs.

Dorea also revealed that before meeting the DJ, she was in one serious relationship that lasted five years but didn’t work out, adding that  all her life she has dated older men.

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