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Dennis Itumbi addresses his weight loss

Kenyans have expressed growing concerns over the sudden weight loss of Chief Administrative Secretary for ICT, Dennis Itumbi, prompting speculations about his well-being

Photos and videos circulating widely on major social media platforms have left Kenyans wondering if Itumbi is okay or if he has simply chosen to prioritize fitness.

The visual transformation has raised eyebrows and triggered discussions across online communities.

One of Itumbi’s Instagram followers, Nyambura_wendo, expressed concern and asked the Secretary if he was alright.

“I am concerned, as are several others,” the follower stated.

In response, Itumbi reassured the fan, saying, “God is good. I am very well.”

Another follower, Shuks1209, inquired, “Are you fine, kiongozi… been following… or is it the gym?” implying that Itumbi’s weight loss might be a result of fitness routines.

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This is not the first time Kenyans have expressed concerns about politicians shedding significant weight within a short period.

In May, President William Ruto addressed similar concerns raised about his own weight loss just months into his tenure

During a roundtable interview with journalists at State House in Nairobi, President Ruto shed light on his fitness journey.

This after KTN’s Eric Lattif asked the Head of State about his physical transformation.

“Mr President, you look good, and people have been commenting, asking if it’s an exercise regime or a diet,” Eric asked.

President Ruto responded by explaining that the intense pressure of campaigning for last year’s General Election had disrupted his eating patterns, leading to irregular meals and occasional overeating at odd hours.

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He attributed these habits to the demands and stress of campaigning, where time constraints often resulted in inadequate exercise and sporadic eating habits.

“There’s been a lot of pressure during the election period over the last year and a half to two years. When you’re going through elections, you experience a lot of pressure and sometimes you find solace in food,” said President Ruto.

“Because of the uncertainty of when the next meal would be available, there have been cases of overeating,” the President further explained.

President revealed that he had consciously decided to lose weight after he assumed office.

Recognising the significant tasks ahead, President Ruto said he needed to be mentally and physically prepared to ensure that things go as planned.

“I made the decision to lose weight because I have a huge workload ahead of me. So I need to be alert and ready to ensure that everything goes smoothly,” President Ruto explained.

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