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Élodie Zone explains why her plans to relocate from Kenya failed

Digital marketing strategist Elodie Zone has opened up about the challenges she’s been facing, shedding light on why her plans to relocate from Kenya have been put on hold.

In a candid video shared with her audience, Elodie bravely shared the difficulties she has encountered since the beginning of 2024, expressing how life has taken a toll on her well-being.

Responding to inquiries from her fans about her relocation plans, Elodie disclosed that her intended move to Toronto fell through after her sponsor withdrew their support unexpectedly, leaving her visa unused and her future uncertain.

Elodie responded saying: “My sponsor whos a family member backed out after leading me on for over a year…. So the visa is here gathering dust. My life is totally messed.”

The setback has left Elodie grappling with disappointment and frustration.

Previously, she announced in 2022 her intention to leave Kenya for new job opportunities abroad.

Elodie made the heart-wrenching decision to part with her beloved pets, her puppy Maxi and cat Lofi, as she prepares for her eventual departure.

She shared details about the sale of her pets, citing restrictions on traveling with animals as a contributing factor to her decision.

“I will be leaving Kenya in a few months. Though it saddened me that I am going to sell my puppy Maxi and cat,” she wrote asking her any interested fans to look out for the details about her pets.

“Lofi is three years old male, updated jabs will come with vet books and a crate. Super chill and has never bitten or attacked anyone.

Also, potty trained and selling at sh10K. Elodie also shared a photo of her dog saying she will be selling it at Sh40K.

In a recent TikTok post, she recounted a distressing experience where a trusted friend abruptly evicted her from their home in the middle of the night, leaving her homeless and vulnerable.

“I have been hopping, skipping, and jumping from the entire month of February 2024, from Airbnb to Airbnb. It was nice having specific things in people’s homes that I trusted. I did a whole house fumigation [in the host friend’s place] because they had a cockroach infestation. It cost Sh8,000. I did nice things to help sustain a home,” she shared.

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