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Exclusive: Betty Kyallo: Why I am not in a hurry to loose weight

Businesswoman, Betty Kyallo, has been making headlines not only for her successful career but also for her candid revelations about her weight loss journey and new business ventures.

In a recent exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Betty shared the ups and downs of her pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

She candidly admitted to losing 6 kgs but regaining the weight after she stopped going to the gym.

The former news anchor attributed her setback to her weakness for sweets, acknowledging that her “sweet tooth” has been a significant obstacle in her weight loss journey.

“I am currently not even trying to lose any weight. When you are happy, you gain a lot of weight since you do not even care what people will say out there.

I am not under pressure to lose weight, and that is where I am. When you are happy, unanona tu. I tried working out, but I eat junk a lot, najisahau,” she confessed.

Despite focusing on personal happiness, Betty Kyallo is not resting professionally on her laurels.

She revealed that she is set to launch her makeup line, “Unapologetic by Betty.”

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Her determination to succeed in business is driven by her desire to provide the best life for her daughter and any future children she may have.

“Biashara imenikubali. We have to travel around the world, and that is why I keep growing and making more money. I want my daughter and my other one, more children that will soon come, to have the best life,” she said.

As a single mother, Betty is unapologetic about her status and has embraced the challenges that come with it.

She expressed her confidence in raising great children despite the societal prejudices against single mothers.

Drawing from her own upbringing by a single mother, Betty has demonstrated that family structure does not dictate one’s potential for success.

“People hate on single moms, but when you see children who come from families of single mothers, you are encouraged. I come from a single mom, and look at where we are. It does not matter whether you have both parents around, but you work regardless,” she said.

Betty Kyallo is considering returning to her YouTube to create content, following the recent completion of shooting for “Kyallo Kulture.”

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