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Exclusive: DJ Mo’s Twitter account hacked; urgently seeks help for recovery

Talented spin master DJ Mo, with an impressive Twitter following of over 100,000 people, has recently fallen victim to a hacking incident that has left his account compromised for three weeks now.

The talented DJ shared with Nairobi News the unfortunate news, seeking assistance from anyone who can help him recover his account.

According to DJ Mo, the hacking incident occurred around three weeks ago due to a delay in renewing his domain.

He believes that he might have forgotten about the renewal, leading to the host releasing the domain to unknown individuals who subsequently purchased it.

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This chain of events likely granted unauthorized access to his Twitter account.

“I had a delay to renew my domain, I pay around Sh4000. I think I forgot, then the host released it to random guys who bought it and I think that how they got my twitter access,” he said.

In his plea for help, DJ Mo acknowledged that while he was not an avid Twitter user in the past, the platform has now become crucial for him.

Expressing his desperation to recover the account, he is reaching out to the public for any assistance that can lead to its retrieval.

“Haven’t gotten someone to help me work on it. I wasn’t a Twitter person, but I really need it. Anyone who can help me recover it, I will be grateful,” DJ Mo stated.

This unfortunate incident is not the first time DJ Mo has faced such a setback in the digital spaces.

In the past, DJ Mo has also encountered a similar hacking issue with his Facebook page.

However, for the Facebook incident, he successfully reached out to the platform’s offices in the UK, and they provided the necessary assistance to retrieve his compromised page.

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