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Kenya Power releases list of neighborhoods that will experience blackouts

On Friday, July 28, 2023, the full list of neighborhoods that will experience a power blackout has now been released in a Kenya Power statement.

Kenya Power said that two counties will be affected by the power interruptions that will last for eight hours.

“Hello, please be informed that the following areas will be affected by scheduled power interruptions,” KPLC tweeted.

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Makueni County was top of the list, with the power provider saying that the specific areas affected include; parts of Mombasa Road and Nunguni.

The specific areas include; parts of Sultan Town, Sultan Police Station, Holy Ghost Schools, Kalimbini, Ngokomi, Kothithu, Kogwai, Kima, Malili, Enzai, and adjacent customers.

Homabay County will also be affected by the power interruptions, and the specific areas include; Nyangieya, Kwolo, Rangwe, Ombek, Katanga, Fred Janam, Nyaligosi, Nyagiya, Kwoyo, Aoolo, and adjacent customers.

Other areas within Homabay County that will be affected by the power interruptions include; Nyalenda, Nyadiwa, Wire, Rawinji, Dan Hills, Maganga, Kolo Kotieno, Ongamo, Raganji, and other adjacent customers.

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On Thursday, July 27, 2023, several counties were also affected by the scheduled power blackout.

They included; Nairobi, Machakos, and Uasin Gishu Counties experienced the power hitch for over eight hours.

Since January 2023, KPLC has announced daily power interruptions affecting different parts of the country.

Whenever there is a blackout, many business premises are affected, and owners count losses.

Last week during Maandamano a similar blackout was witnessed in Nairobi County, where the affected areas included; Red Hill Road, Gachie, Nyari West, Karura Seventh Day Adventist church and secondary school, Commission for University Education, Rosslyn Green, Embassy of Switzerland, TRIO Estate, and other adjacent customers.

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