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Exclusive: Gaucho speaks on his secret side hustles and philanthropic foundation

Calvince Okoth, the dynamic activist widely recognized as the president of Bunge la Mwananchi, has stepped into the spotlight to unveil his lesser-known realm of diverse endeavors.

In an exclusive conversation with Nairobi News, Gaucho, as he is affectionately known, candidly delved into the intricacies of his multi-faceted income streams, urging society not to judge him solely by his activist image.

Amidst the urban whirlwind, Gaucho orchestrates a symphony of side pursuits that remain concealed from public view.

Rejecting the stereotype of relying solely on political affiliations for sustenance.

Gaucho asserted, “Yes, I have a side hustle. Some are right here in town. People tend to see me as solely tied to politicians, but I have nurtured grassroots businesses.”

Cloaked in mystery, Gaucho alluded to partnerships with undisclosed ‘associates,’ whose identities he shielded.

“There’s more depth to me than meets the eye. My life can flourish outside the political arena. I’ve been making strategic moves behind the scenes,” Gaucho revealed to Nairobi News.

Beyond the political arena, where he rubs shoulders with influential figures, Gaucho is silently carving his own path, determined to shatter any perception of dependency on politicians.

“Though I might be in the company of ‘power players,’ I’m also laying the groundwork for a self-reliant future. My journey is a testament to personal growth,” he emphasized.

Interestingly, Gaucho’s story transcends activism. He stands as a living example of latent potential, showing that resilience, resourcefulness, and a thirst for development can lead to unanticipated avenues of achievement.

Gaucho’s narrative challenges conventional viewpoints and underscores the significance of embracing multi-dimensional identities.

As he navigates life’s intricate tapestry, Gaucho not only redefines his own trajectory but also inspires others to break free from limiting labels.

In the realm of this extraordinary activist, the pursuit of societal change goes hand in hand with personal empowerment, unveiling a tale as captivating as it is enlightening.

Moreover, prominent activist Calvince Okoth, alias Gaucho, has revealed his visionary intent to establish a philanthropic foundation dedicated to uplifting underprivileged youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He told Nairobi News, the driving force behind his mission is his personal struggles and an unwavering aspiration to transform lives.

Gaucho’s journey, marked by trials and triumphs, has ignited an unyielding commitment to shaping a brighter future for youth grappling with similar obstacles.

“As the eldest sibling in a family of five, the untimely loss of my parents compelled me to shoulder the responsibility of caring for my younger siblings. This meant doing whatever it took to ensure their well-being, even in the face of adversity. The hardships I endured, including hunger and eventually leaving school in sixth grade, have influenced my path,” Gaucho shared with Nairobi News.

“Seeing young people endure what I went through deeply moves me. That’s why I am motivated to establish the foundation.”

“I’ve walked a path of struggle, hunger, and determination. I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges that ghetto youth face. These experiences form the foundation of my vision to create a philanthropic foundation.”

Although he didn’t provide specific details about when the foundation would be established, Gaucho expressed his unwavering determination to assist the youth from marginalized communities.

In a previous interview with Nairobi News, Gaucho, who has been at the forefront of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya anti-government protest aimed at reducing the cost of living, disclosed that he engaged in criminal activities due to poverty.

“Mugging was a daily reality. I consider myself fortunate. Almost all my fellow gang members have passed away, many of them at the hands of the police. I grew tired of that life and decided to change,” he revealed.

Gaucho’s journey, from adversity to activism, now extends to philanthropy, promising a future where the flames of transformation are ignited right in the heart of the ghetto.