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Five times actress Gloria Moraa courted controversy

By Winnie Mabel October 10th, 2023 4 min read

Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa, alias Gloria Anazidi Kuiva Moraa, has in the recent past been making waves online as controversy either courted her or she courted it. Ms Moraa doubles up as a digital content creator with a leaning for comedy which has seen her amass a healthy following on various social media platforms.

Nairobi News delves into the five recent controversies that trailed behind her ranging from in-law dramas to being in court for negligence.

1. Dog bite drama- Ms Moraa was in court earlier this week after being charged with recklessness and negligence when her dog bit a four-year-old child neighbor in the Embakasi estate where she resides. According to prior Nairobi News reports, Ms Moraa was accused of failing to take precautions against probable danger from a dog in her possession in a manner so negligent as to endanger the life of AMA, a child aged four years, on July 30, 2023. Nairobi News understands the child was playing outside their house with other children when her mother went to fetch her. Just before the mother could get to the minor, Ms Moraa’s dog left her compound and viciously bit the child behind her knee. The child was rushed to the hospital. Ms Moraa, at first, cooperated with the minor’s mother but became dodgy when asked to prove that her dog was vaccinated. If found guilty, Ms Moraa would be forced to pay a hospital bill of more than Sh150,000 to the child’s mother to have the case against her withdrawn.

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2. Baby-daddy drama- Ms Moraa dragged her late famous baby daddy, rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba (now deceased) to court where she accused him of failing to provide for their two children. She also accused him of infidelity which forced her to walk out of their 7-year relationship. Prior to this drama, the two had enjoyed a peaceful relationship until things turned frosty and they could no longer cohabit or co-parent in peace.

3. In-laws drama- The late Benjamin Ayimba died in May 2021 and his family was embroiled in drama with Ms Moraa. The actress claimed her baby daddy’s family denied her and her children from attending his funeral but after the matter gained national attention and also went viral online, the family allowed the late Ayimba’s children with Gloria to attend the funeral but not Ms Moraa. She actively engaged in online sideshows with her baby daddy’s family, claiming they were attacking her and her children and had refused the kids an opportunity to take a photo at their father’s graveside.

4. Sister-in-law drama: “I never engage in social media wars, never but there is someone out to cause me drama very much. My people, what do I do with this person?… This is a person who called my children street urchins and she used to call her brother useless and stupid. Now she’s coming here to behave nye nye nye… What do I do to this person surely? I was just chilling, just chilling. Let the drama unfold now. My people in the art fraternity know how this woman made my life a living hell for 7 years and I used to remain silent. I have been silent for long. Why can’t people look for husbands to take care of their needs so that they can stop being angry and bitter? No one should dare tell me I will be the bigger person here. Let me get into the mud now,” said Ms Moraa in March 2023 after Moraa claimed one of Ayimba’s relatives claimed she had never been married to the renowned coach. For days, she made viral social media updates speaking about the in-law’s denial of the relationship and attacking her person.

5. Leeching friends drama- In February 2023, Ms Moraa told off ‘friends’ who kept asking her for free things but refused to help her build her brand as an influencer.

” Now let me say this. There are people who look down upon other people’s jobs. For instance, I am an influencer and I do brand awareness. When I started this, I used to beg friends to share my page “Nyaboke” and most would ignore kabisa. Others would laugh about it and ignore. Now the brand has grown and is a very well-known one. The same people are coming with lines of ‘si unipostie kwa wall yako nipate followers,biashara? (Could you post for me on your wall so that my business can gain followers?)’ ….others with ‘please ni support nigrow kama wewe (please support me so I can grow on social media like you).’ ….or “tumetoka mbali niwekee hii moja buana. (We’ve known each other for a long time, just post one for me).

Sorry to disappoint but I will not do it for free unless ni (it is) charity. Those who never shared, reposted or even tried to support go on saying ‘siku hizi kanajifanya sana (these days she has so much pride).’ Well that is my office and it needs all the respect it deserves. Hakuna siku ntaambia watoto wangu (there will be no day I will tell my children) ‘today we are eating nothing but friendship my babies.’ I can’t pay my bills with friendship wadau (my people). The friends who actually pay for my services, Mungu awabariki sana (God bless you abanduntly) because mko na heshima (you have respect).

So those feeling like naringa, haki kaskie tu vibaya na huko sijui vile ntakusaidia (…I am boasting, please go and feel bitter from the other side because I don’t know how I can help you). Working your way to somewhere as a brand is not a walk in the park. Kwa hayo machache nipeeni biashara zenu ni advertise (in summary, please give me your businesses to advertise). #gaidimkuu,” said Ms Moraa.