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Former Miss Kenya ‘corrects’ First Lady Rachel Ruto’s etiquette

By Wangu Kanuri September 21st, 2022 2 min read

Former Miss Kenya Khadijah Shamillah Kiptoo corrected First Lady Rachel Ruto’s etiquette when she was greeting leaders in the United Kingdom (UK).

According to Khadijah, Mama Rachel had got it wrong from the neck down.

In a detailed Instastory, Shamillah wrote, “Both hands need to be free, especially in foreign countries where you might need both for greetings.”

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Rachel Ruto greeting leader as they left for the UK trip.
First Lady Rachel Ruto greeting government officials as they left for the UK trip. PHOTO | COURTESY

Adding that in some countries the greeting is specific.

“For instance in countries like India, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos and Thailand, you press your palms together in an upward pointing prayer position at heart level or higher and take a bow.”

She explained that the handbag and coat need to be left with her personal assistant or in the car everywhere she goes.

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Shamillah explained that even gifts that are given to the First Lady should not be handled by her after receiving them.

“And if she must carry a handbag should be one that can fit between her elbow and wrist – very light for hand gesture.”

Noting that Mama Rachel’s personal assistant should update her prior on the weather, culture and security so as to choose her appropriate clothing based on the country she is visiting.

“Body language is also very important, leaning back, knees a bit bent, legs together. The handshake needs to be right too depending on who is on the end of it.”

Additionally, Shamillah noted that all is not lost and that during campaigns, the First Lady would be taking social etiquette lessons.

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