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Former Miss Kenya, Emma Too defends Nick Odhiambo’s wife amid social media backlash

Emma Too, the former Miss Kenya, has passionately defended her friend Annie Sumbeiywo, the wife of Hot96 presenter Nick Odhiambo.

The viral screenshot circulated on social media, just days after Nick’s wedding to longtime partner Annie Sumbeiywo.

In a heartfelt Twitter post, the former model confronted those spreading false information about Ann on the platform.

“Why does this platform thrive on gossip and rumours?!!! Why do we abuse a platform that can do more good than harm?!

Why do we thrive on spreading lies and hurting others and to what end? For likes? What do these likes do for your livelihood? If you want likes to do some good in the world that touches the lives of others, don’t thrive on destroying the lives of others with ‘likes’.”

She urged those spreading malicious lies to refrain from involving her friend Annie in their deceitful acts.

“That said leave my sister Annie out of your wickedness. She’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. She’s an accomplished woman in her own right, dragging her name on X with pics of another woman is completely unacceptable.”

She called on Nick to clarify the situation regarding the explicit messages circulating online.

“Our in-law needs to set the record straight that the viral WhatsApp message is about his past and not his present,” Emma said.

“Whoever is responsible needs to come out and apologize to her and set the record straight, I won’t stand by and watch you destroy a virtuous woman whom I love and care about.”

In a post on April, 17, Nick explained the explicit image with a full-on explanation.

Nick clarified that the picture was from an old group conversation and was meant as a joke.

In a statement, he said:

Mumesema mwanaume hawezi kaa (You have decided that a man cannot stay) happily married for more than 24 hours. Who hurt you? This trending picture is from 10 years ago. And a cropped screenshot. I was wondering why people are calling my number all day today and hanging up.