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Gachagua: No CCTV camera has shown that police raided Matiangi’s home

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has maintained that former Interior Minister Dr Fred Matiang’i fled the country to avoid honouring summons.

While addressing a public rally in Eldoret town on Friday, the DP maintained that the police did not raid his home, adding that the government will not use police to settle political scores.

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“Some people are cowards. Because if they were brave, they would not be running away from the country… When we were being harassed, we insisted that we were not going to run away from this country,”Gachagua said.

“Matiang’i is even scared of his own shadow because he used to terrorise those who did not agree with the government and now he thinks that we will use police the same way they used them to harass their political opponents,” he said.

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He urged the former CS to record a statement with the police to aid in investigations into the matter.

“We have seen all the CCTV evidence that shows that there is no evidence of any police officer raiding his home. We want to ask Dr Matiang’i to come and write even a single paged statement about the incident,” stated Mr Gachagua.

Earlier in the week, the former Cabinet Secretary, through his legal team, said he had traveled abroad to attend a private family matter.

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