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Gengetone group Ethic announces comeback minus Rekless

There is some exciting news for Gengetone music enthusiasts following an announcement by Ethic Entertainment of their long-awaited comeback.

The group, once one of the biggest music sensations in Kenya, faced internal challenges that led to their disbandment.

However, during a recent interview on Radio Maisha, the three remaining members – Swat, Seska and Zilla – revealed their plans to make a big comeback in August.

Ethic Entertainment became a sensation with their infectious beats and unfiltered lyrics, resonating with the youth and gaining a massive following.

Despite their rise, the group encountered internal issues that eventually led to the departure of one of their members, Rekless.

When questioned about Rekless’s absence during the interview, the group members simply said: “We are here to speak about the music industry; about Rekless, that is a story for another day. We are just the three of us.”

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Known for speaking the language of the streets, Ethic Entertainment said they draw inspiration from the everyday life and conversations of the Kenyan youth.

Their music reflects the free-spirited and unapologetic nature of their generation, making them relatable to fans of all ages.

“Even in our streets, the youths are free in how they talk. Whether with the old or young people, we have a way of conversing and understanding each other. Our generation is like that,” the group said.

Comedian Chipukeezy, who has all along been a strong supporter of the group, shared some memorable anecdotes from their early days.

He recalled how he once needed to meet Ethic Entertainment and even offered them his bus fare for the meeting. Unfortunately, they did not show up.

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“I sent Swat money so that we could meet them. I was with Jaguar and he wanted to meet them after their song, Lamba Lolo, became a big hit. He was an MP then and where we were, people were discussing and hating on the song,” Chipukeezy said.

The group’s breakthrough hit, Lamba Lolo, faced some backlash, but they persevered and even caught the attention of international superstar Will Smith, who mentioned them.

Expressing a sense of responsibility towards the talented youngsters, Chipukeezy said it is important to support and guide them on their journey.

He encouraged corporate entities to treat emerging talent fairly and not discriminate them based on age.

“Let us not give them 20k while we pay our older artistes more, they also have the talent and they need money to grow in the industry,” he said.