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Gospel singer Justina Syokau on abusive marriage, dating Ringtone

Kenyan gospel songstress Justina Syokau has explained why she initially stuck in a troubled marriage.

In an interview with Amina Abdi on The Trend, the Twendi Twendi hitmaker claims she had to persevere in an abusive marriage with an unfaithful partner who eventually threw her and their child out.

The singer further disclosed that numerous attempts by their families to reconcile the couple did not bear fruit.

She says the choice to stick with her ex-husband was enforced by encouragement from their parents who hoped they would outgrow their problems.

“I was married to a serial cheater, when starting out I never thought he would have turned out like that. When I was pregnant he used to kick us out but I was persistent since our parents encouraged us to stick together,” she said. 

“I could find him with women but I used to think he would change many people prayed for us but nothing happened. Eventually, he threw us out and I went to live under the Muthurwa footbridge,” she narrated.

The mother of one says she has had to raise her son by herself without a father.

In 2022, word on the street had it the singer was involved in a romantic affair with singer Ringtone Apoko, which she denied in another recent interview. 

“Let’s not talk about Ringtone, he doesn’t have enough money to suit my standards. I wanted the property he owns but right now I am no longer attracted to that,” the singer explained.

The singer also shared plans to ‘remain busy’ in the gospel ministry and was not going to be distracted by other affairs.

She also opened up about the devastation of creating content for her fans under the siege of trolls.

The musician claimed that people were so unfair to her despite the fact that she is always struggling to create content for her millions of fans and wondered why people were trolling her yet she struggles and prays daily to get good content. 

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