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How Justina Wamae was turned away at Roots Party headquarters

Roots Party deputy presidential candidate Justina Wamae was on Friday denied access into the party headquarters at Cara House, Karen.

Ms Wamae had been summoned by the party for a disciplinary hearing over what it termed as making contradictory and malicious statements about the party in both mainstream media and social media.

“That due to your continuous misrepresentation of the party’s stand, the party has suffered public ridicule and disrepute. It is in our knowledge that you have continuously disassociated yourself with the party and its ideologies,” the summon letter read in part.

She was also warned to desist from speaking on behalf of the party, failure to which legal action would be taken against her.

“We have instructions from the party leader to demand that you cease and desist from speaking, uttering, or purporting to speak on behalf of the Roots Party of Kenya,” Roots Party legal director Washika Wachira wrote.

“Failure to stop the misrepresentation and irresponsible utterances, we have instructions to institute a legal action against you without further notice, to you, to your peril as to cost and consequences.”

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Ms Wamae had initially scoffed at the summons, saying she would “not respond to pettiness”, before making an about-turn and saying she would honour the invite but on the condition that all entities including the media that were copied in the letter be present.

The dramatic scenes on Friday led Ms Wamae to pitch tent outside the party’s office engaging with individuals who were in her company after she was locked out by officers were guarding the headquarters.

Ms Wamae has recently collided with the party leader Prof George Wajackoyah after she accused him of endorsing the candidature of Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Prof Wajackoyah ran for president with Ms Wamae as his running mate against three presidential candidates namely Mr Odinga, Dr William Ruto and David Mwaure.

Dr Ruto won the presidential election after garnering 7,176,141 votes (50.49%) against Mr Odinga’s 6,942,930 (48.85%) votes.

However, nine petitions related to the 2022 presidential elections, in which the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) declared Deputy President Ruto president-elect, have been filed at the Supreme Court.