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How Lillyanne Aketch’s son discovered Cebbie Koks ‘celebrated’ his dad’s death

The animosity between influencers Lillyanne Aketch and Cebbie Koks, the younger sister of musician Akothee, has now spilled over to the next generation. This comes after Lillyanne revealed that her son, Neville, had found out that Cebbie Koks allegedly laughed and celebrated the sudden demise of his father, George Misolo, known as Baba Neville in their circles.

In a heart wrenching update, Lillyanne, a political strategist and influencer, revealed how they had to break the news to her son of his father’s death and how he accidentally came to find out about Cebbie Koks’ alleged behavior.

“We went to pick Neville from school on Saturday, but we agreed with his uncle to pick him from school as I stayed behind and waited in Bondo town. We wanted the news to come from his uncle since I could not do it, I would have broken down and it would affect him even more. When his uncle went to Ramba to pick him he asked him questions. ‘Where is my mum? She was to come for academic clinic yesterday but she didn’t come, she called me that she will visit me today but she is not here, please tell me what’s is going on?’ What is happening, is there something that you are hiding from me that I need to know?” Ms Aketch narrated.

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“His uncle lied to him that his dad was in the hospital for a checkup and he would first be taken to his mother. It was then that he was given the tragic news and he became inconsolable. He was then taken to his father’s homestead to meet with the extended family before he turned his wrath on his mother for keeping the news from him for days and not informing him that his father was sick. He then demanded to go to the morgue to confirm for himself that his father was no more.

“Yesterday night he asked me, ‘Mum who is this woman that was celebrating my father’s death’ and I was like ‘what? where did you see that?’… and he told me on Nairobi News while he was downloading games on Chrome. I just told him to leave that wicked woman, her time will come! So, Cebbie, just know that my son also has a grudge with you. It’s too bad he found out from blogs but one day we shall revisit this issue, ipo siku!

“One thing about Neville is that he is a boy of very few words, shy and reserved. He hardly talks so healing may take a long time. He is so broken, affected and all he can do is cry and sleep. Most of the times he dozes off even while sitting… oteek! May God give you grace and healing my son,” concluded Ms Aketch.

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Cebbie is yet to respond to the allegations of celebrating Baba Neville’s death.

Lillyanne and Cebbie have been beefing for a while. Early this year Cebbie accused Lillyanne of going around spreading stories about her and falsely claiming to be close to her in order to make her stories credible.

“The same people you disrespect are the same people you come back to ask for help from. Ey, God! The way you don’t wait to remind people they need people is amazing. The way you flatten the curve always to remind us pain is pain, joy is joy to everyone is beautiful. I still believe you speak for me in rooms I am not in. I believe you defend me in rooms I am locked out of and always go ahead of me when weapons are planted. You are truly an amazing God,” Cebbie said in the wake of Baba Neville’s death

This is what Lillyanne interpreted as Cebbie celebrating her baby daddy’s demise.

It would also appear the friendship between Lillyanne and Cebbie’s husband, Steve Ogolla, has been a bone of contention between the two women. Lillyanne claimed he and Steve have been friends since before Cebbie “seduced him.”

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