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Jal unites with Zora actress and Shammalee for emotional track 

In a stunning display of artistic synergy and meaningful storytelling, renowned South Sudanese-Canadian international recording artist Emmanuel Jal has joined forces with emerging artists Shammalee from South Sudan and 11-year-old Kenyan sensation Angel Atieno to release their heart-wrenching track, “Crossover,” along with its breathtaking visuals, now available worldwide.

Co-written by Shammalee and Emmanuel Jal, the song draws inspiration from Shamma’s personal journey, a tale of loss, and the struggles faced by young people as they navigate their way through life’s challenges.

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The emotional lyrics, accompanied by Angel Atieno’s extraordinary vocals, evoke a sense of resilience and strength that emerges from hardship.

Speaking about the collaboration, Shammalee shares, “Emmanuel Jal and I are both from South Sudan, I saw our stories crossing paths as we have both been refugees at one point in our lives and suffered the loss of our loved ones. Looking up to Jal as a fellow countryman who became successful against the odds through music gave me the spirit to validate my dreams and the reassurance that there is always a way out.” She further emphasizes, “You can feel this energy in our collaboration, which is the perfect blend of both our stories. Angel’s powerful vocals, despite her young age, adds further magic to the meaning and inspiration behind the song.”

The evocative music video for “Crossover” was filmed on the vibrant streets of Makongeni, Nairobi, under the direction of talented Kenyan director Nezzoh Montana. The visuals paint a captivating picture of individuals in the community, using their strength and resilience to ‘crossover’ and follow their hearts, minds, and goals with purpose and determination.

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Adding depth to the project, the Nido NEXIM International Development Organization generously sponsored the video. NIDO is renowned for its efforts in building primary and secondary schools across East Africa, providing free education to the children of conservation officers who pledge to combat corruption and protect endangered animals from poaching.

Shammalee, whose real name is Shama Peace Elia, has an inspiring background as a multi-talented artist and an advocate for human rights.

Born and partly raised in a refugee camp in Uganda by her single mother, she joined the esteemed rap crew ‘The Hip Hop Clinic’ in 2018, showcasing her talent in various ciphers and collaborations.

Shammalee’s involvement in awareness campaigns under the banner of Anataban Human Rights Watch has further highlighted her commitment to making a positive impact through her art.

The incredible young talent, Angel Pamela Atieno, has showcased her vocal prowess and acting skills in various Kenyan projects, including the series ‘Zora’ on Citizen TV.

She has also taken on lead roles in short films such as ‘Finding Lulu’ and featured in the documentary ‘Chozi’ on MNET.

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