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Jalang’o receives mixed reactions from KOT over Nairobi West Road construction

A tweet by Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwour – known by his street moniker Jalang’o – about a newly constructed road has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans on Twitter.

Jalang’o wrote, “This week we handed over Sumba Road to the residents of Nairobi West. Complete cabro and neat finish! Hapa Langata ni kazi tu! (Here is Langata we are all about the work!).”

While some commended the effort, others expressed their concerns about the absence of proper drainage on the road.

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The tweet in question saw reactions from a user, @JackOdh81163114, who wrote, “Lakini nigori noma,” which translates to “This road is amazing.” The tweet seemed to applaud the construction efforts put into the road project.

Among the reactions, @BryanKipkogei commented, “Apa kazi tu!” showing approval for the completed project.

Meanwhile, @Jakmen542236724 responded with, “Good job,” further affirming the positive sentiment towards the construction work.

However, not everyone was entirely satisfied with the road’s construction. @WindrunnerWrynn pointed out, “Until it rains…Where is the drainage?” raising concerns about the potential lack of proper drainage on the road.

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Similarly, @skanini questioned, “No side drainage?” expressing worry about the potential consequences during rainy seasons.

@Agollajack also tweeted, “While you might not necessarily know the standards for roads, the fact that you leave in Nairobi is a reason enough to be worried about our drainage challenge. How do you build a road without drainage?”

The discussion took a different turn when @achim67485415 humorously commented, “Kama kuna mtu atainama akule cabro ni sawa🤣,” which roughly translates to, “If someone stoops down and eats the cabro (pavement), it’s okay.” This tweet, though humorous, also hinted at concerns over the high cost of living that is affecting many Kenyan citizens.

This issue was at the forefront of the Azimio protests held last week that lasted three days.

Jalang’o, who is known for his active social media presence, has yet to respond to the concerns raised by some Kenyans on Twitter.

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