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Mr Lazy, Mr User! Jackie Matubia’s ignites brutal attacks on her ex-lovers

Renowned actress and TV personality Jackie Matubia has once again sparked rumors of a potential breakup with her second baby daddy, Blessing Lung’aho.

The couple, who had been engaged in 2022, seemed to be facing turbulent times as both individuals dropped hints about their relationship status.

The latest stir in the ongoing saga came when Blessing Lung’aho took to social media to cryptically imply that things might have fallen apart between them.

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In a post on his Instagram, he referred to himself as “#MrRight,” but then dropped a bombshell by suggesting he was seeing someone else.

He wrote, “Hivi ndo nakunywa kahawa hii mtaa. Maua mkononi na smile usoni, hata wewe ukipatana na mimi kwa streets unawezaniita #MrRight. Sasa, kuna mwenye amewacha lipstick kwa kikombe yangu, ni kama atanitoa soko,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

(“This is how I drink my coffee in this neighborhood. Holding flowers in my hand and a smile on my face. Even if you meet me on the streets, you can call me #MrRight. But now, there’s someone who left lipstick on my cup. It’s like they want to ruin my chances in the dating market.”)

On the other hand, Jackie Matubia took to her Instagram Stories to vent her frustrations about her romantic life.

She expressed her dismay at having had terrible luck with men and listed various types she had encountered.

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She wrote:

“I’ve already met Mr. Player, Mr. Stupid, Mr. Idiot, Mr. Psycho, Mr. Cheap, Mr. Lazy, Mr. User, Mr. Know It All, Mr. Control Freak, and Mr. Stalker, Where the hell is Mr. right?” implying that she has yet to find the perfect partner.”

Adding to the speculation, Blessing Lung’aho was conspicuously absent from Jackie’s older daughter’s recent birthday celebration, despite being engaged to the actress just last year.

This further fueled rumors of trouble in paradise.

Earlier this month, Jackie had hinted to Milele Fm’s Ankali Ray about potential issues in her relationship with Blessing.

While laughing, she cryptically remarked:

“I told you, if you need me, invite me for an interview? Well, things happen. Do you think I make mistakes? Me? … Me? People who have been wronged don’t stay silent; it’s those who have done wrong who remain quiet, yes…”

When Nairobi News reached out for a comment, Jackie Matubia stated that she was not prepared to discuss her private life at the moment.

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