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Kenyan singer Jay Zagha recounts how he survived gender-based violence

By Winnie Mabel September 29th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan singer Jay Zagha has lamented the laxity in action taken when men face gender-based violence compared to cases involving women. He did this after he suffered the same at the hands of his woman.

In videos uploaded to his Tik Tok over the week, Jay spotted injuries on his face and his wrists, revealing that his woman had used an array of household items to assault him.

“Every time we talk about gender-based violence, this thing is real. I can now talk about it, yesterday I couldn’t. This injury was caused by a pan (as he points at his upper lip area) and here, a machete (as he points from his left brow area down to his cheek). Gender based violence but the government cannot speak about it,” he said.

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“The society cannot see it but if it was a woman who suffered this violence, someone would have been on my neck right now. Just because I am a man you can’t classify this as gender based violence? Seriously? Ok. Men, we are really suffering. Since birth until we get buried.” lamented Jay.

In a subsequent TikTok video with a friend, they hinted at what really went down when the friend began singing Mejja’s Siskii song, focusing on the part where Mejja sings, “niliambiwa nimwache, siskii, kamotee (I was told to leave her but I didn’t listen, witchcraft).”

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It was then that Jay revealed how he obtained additional injuries, including a busted lip and a nasty wound to his right wrist.

“When we left each other, I went home and found my woman upset and she began throwing plates at me,” Jay told his friend.

He also told to tell his friend to stop making light of the situation as he attempted to swallow bubbling laughter.

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