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Why Jubilee Party is unimpressed with Ruto’s interview on NTV

The Jubilee Party has expressed reservations at the line of questioning taken by NTV anchor Mark Masai during his interview with Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday night.

The 9pm interview delved on topical matters in Kenya’s political scene, namely corruption in government, President’s Uhuru Kenyatta demand for lifestyle audit for all state officers, as well as 2022 succession politics.

NTV’s Mark Masai pressed the DP to declare the source of his wealth, his net worth and to take a pledge never to engage in corrupt dealings.

Jubilee Party however was not impressed with the conduct of the interview. It fired tweets that declared the interview as meant to ‘humiliate’ Mr Ruto and discredit the unity in the party.

During the interview, the DP said he was ready for a lifestyle audit and was looking forward to the opportunity to demystify some reports on his wealth.

He went on to state that he has never been involved in any corrupt dealings as MP for Eldoret North and in his current position as deputy president.

On the Jubilee Party’s 2022 succession politics, Mr Ruto stated that his political pact with President Kenyatta did guarantee the latter’s support for his presidential candidature.