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Kabi Wa Jesus defends viral Tiktok videos dancing with mother-in-law

Popular content creator and social media personality, Kabi Wa Jesus, has responded to the criticism he received for dancing with his mother-in-law.

In response to the growing discontent surrounding his social media videos, Kabi Wa Jesus took to TikTok to share his thoughts.

In the video, Kabi Wa Jesus expressed his love and affection for his mother-in-law, Mrs Nganga, and defended the light-hearted and fun moments they captured.

However, he acknowledged that some of his followers had reacted inappropriately to negative comments.

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Kabi Wa Jesus apologised for their actions and urged his fans to engage in constructive discussions instead of resorting to aggressive tactics.

“Some of you have been hurt by that video. Your minds are a bit backward and some of you are going through hard times,” he said.

The father-of-three confidently declared that no one’s opinion could affect his relationship with his mother-in-law, and humorously suggested that those who disagreed with the videos should seek guidance from their ancestors.

“I love my mother-in-law, who I love very much. I have told my social media team to find another way to attack you for attacking me, but this will not affect my relationship with her,” Kabi said.

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The video went viral as Kabi thanked God for blessing him with a lovely mother-in-law who always brings joy.

Addressing those with traditional views, he humorously suggested they have a chat with their ancestors as he asserted his presence on TikTok alongside Mrs Ng’ang’a.

Kabi’s fans have shared their views on his dance videos with his mother-in-law.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle Konto believes that raising the issue shows that it has indeed bothered him, emphasising the power of silence as a weapon.

harmonyKenya suggests that there is no need to apologise, but that he should be aware of boundaries when it comes to in-laws, emphasising the cultural context of Africa.

ellawashington29 reminds him that his own mother will always support him and asks him to think about who he would rely on in a difficult situation.

floridahgaicugi72 advises him to set boundaries with his mother-in-law, while happykish expresses empathy for his mother and reassures him that they are not haters, but devoted followers who do no harm.

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