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Kenyan man whose car was mistaken for slain Pakistan journalist speaks

By Nyaboga Kiage November 9th, 2022 3 min read

A man who reported that his vehicle had been stolen in a controversial case that is now linked to the death of Pakistan journalist Arshad Sharif has finally spoken out.

In a detailed letter in our possession, Mr. Douglas Wainaina Kamau narrated how his son Mr. Duncan Kamau Wainaina, ended up driving off with the motor vehicle, make a white Mercedes Benz Sprinter 311, of registration number KDJ 700F.

The father panicked after the son and the car were nowhere to be found. This situation was exacerbated further when the son ignored his father’s calls.

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The matter was reported at Pangani Police Station under OB number 70/23/10/2022 at 7:20 pm. He then went ahead and requested a one-on-one with the OCS at the station, who, after listening to him, referred him to the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

On the same day, he was accompanied by two DCI officers and a driver from the police station and headed to Rongai – Kiserian road, where the signal indicated the car was.

Nairobi News has established the names of the two DCI sleuths as Mr. Obiero and Mr. Kaberia.

At 9:30, Mr. Douglas, who exports horticulture and floriculture products, said that his son called him and explained that he was safe and had decided to “pay his mother and wife a visit. I requested him to immediately come and meet us at Total Petrol Station, Kiserian, and he duly complied.”

As soon as he arrived, the police officers requested that the duo accompany them back to Pangani police station, where they arrived at 11 pm.

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According to him, the police said they did not have an option but to detain his son and the vehicle until the next day when he was expected to record a statement.

“My son was then booked in the Occurrence Book vide number OB/90/23/10/2022 where I appear as the complainant,” he said.

On Monday, 24, 2022, Mr. Douglas went to the station and recorded a statement with an officer attached to DCI identified as Mr. Munene.

His efforts to request Mr. Munene drop the charges bore no fruit, as he told him that he would only do so after consultations with his bosses.

“After a while, Mr. Munene returned to me and told me that my request had been declined since there happened to be a shootout and loss of life within the vicinity where my vehicle was being traced and due process had to be conducted.

Therefore, my son was detained, and the police prepared a charge sheet for him to appear before court the following day,” he said.

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On Tuesday, 25, 2022, they took the matter to Makadara Court, and Mr. Duncan was arraigned in court, where he was charged with “unlawfully using motor vehicle.”

During plea-taking, Mr. Douglas asked that the matter be withdrawn as he did not want to pursue the matter further.

The court granted him an order, and the matter was withdrawn.

Arshad Sharif
Slain journalist Arshad Sharif

As the father and the son walked out of the Makadara Law Court premises, the latter thanked and enjoyed his walk to freedom.

This was short-lived.

Officers waiting outside the gate re-arrested him and took him back to Pangani Police Station.

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Mr. Douglas said that the officers then requested that they go on detaining the son as they went on with the investigations, but the judge declined to say that the complainant was not interested in pursuing the case.

Mr. Douglas and his son have been mentioned severally following the murder of Mr. Arshad Sharif. Officers attached to the General Service Unit (GSU) shot and killed the latter along Magadi Road.

In a police report released following the murder of the slain journalist, it emerged that the GSU officers had erected a roadblock using stones, and when they saw the car Mr. Sharif was in approaching them, they waved them down, but they defied.

This prompted the officers to shoot the vehicle of registration number KCG 200M, whose number plate and make were very different from the vehicle they had been tasked to look for, and stop just in case they saw it.

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The car that slain Pakistan journalist Arshad Sharif was riding in before his death
The car that slain Pakistan journalist Arshad Sharif was riding in before his death.

These revelations come at a time when the Pakistan Government has gone ahead and accused Kenya of murdering the journalist.

Pakistan Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah further said that the two brothers, Waqar and Khurram Ahmad, who were hosting Sharif in Kenya, were not off the hook yet as they had several questions to answer.

The two brothers, who are originally from Pakistan, but hold Canadian passports, also own the Ammodump Kweni joint, the last place Sharif, 50, was seen alive.

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