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Kenyans share plans for Easter celebrations

The Easter weekend is finally here, and Kenyans are preparing to celebrate in style.

There is plenty to look forward to, from traditional church services to family gatherings and adventurous travel plans.

One Kenyan, John, is excited to spend time with his family and participate in the longstanding tradition of Easter egg hunts. “We always have a big family gathering for Easter, and the kids love decorating and hunting for eggs. It’s a fun way to bond and create memories,” he shares.

Another Kenyan, Lucy, plans to explore Kenya’s natural beauty during the long weekend by visiting Chalbi Desert.

“For me, visiting Chalbi Desert is not just a journey to a remote location; it’s an escape to a peaceful and tranquil environment that helps to clear the mind and rejuvenate the soul. The vast expanse of golden sand dunes and the endless blue skies have a profound impact on my mental wellbeing, allowing me to reconnect with nature and find inner peace, “Lucy said.

Easter is also a time of giving, and many Kenyans are participating in charitable events or donating to organizations that help the less fortunate. From providing meals for the homeless to visiting children’s homes, there are plenty of ways to spread love and kindness during this holiday season.

As Kenyans celebrate Easter, it’s essential to remember the true meaning of the holiday: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether attending church services or reflecting on one’s faith, Easter is a time for spiritual renewal and gratitude.

For some, however, Easter can be a difficult time. Those who have lost loved ones or are struggling financially may struggle to partake in the celebrations. It’s important to remember to be mindful of others and extend a helping hand where possible.

One Kenyan, Mary, volunteers at a local children’s home during Easter. “I love spending time with the kids and making their Easter special. It’s important to spread joy and show them love during this holiday season,” she says.

Also, Kenyans need to keep safety in mind during the Easter festivities. Road travel during this time is especially busy, and accidents are common. Driving carefully, obeying traffic rules, and avoiding drunk driving is crucial.

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