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Kinawaramba! Mwalimu Rachel celebrates Sailor’s downfall

The popular Kenyan music group, Sailors, is at the center of controversy as one of its members, Peter Miracle Baby, alleges that the group’s downfall can be attributed to a record label deal they entered into.

According to Peter’s explanation, an international label offered Gengetone groups free audio and video production in exchange for signing with them. This led Sailors to part ways with their manager, media personality Mwalimu Rachel.

In his revelation, Peter claims that a group of industry insiders, referred to as “cartels,” noticed the rising popularity of Gengetone music and decided to invest in the genre.

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They offered financial support for audio and video production to Gengetone artists, including Sailors, as part of a signing deal.

However, the consequences of this decision led to unforeseen challenges and the ultimate demise of the group.

Responding to Miracle Baby’s allegations, Mwalimu Rachel expressed her disappointment, stating that managing Sailors tarnished her brand.

She pointed out that false accusations, such as theft and sabotaging the group’s career, were made against her.

Despite facing these accusations, Mwalimu Rachel remained resilient and focused on clearing her name in court, ultimately prevailing.

Mwalimu Rachel also shed light on her difficulties during this period, including threats to her life and her son’s.

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She acknowledged the toll it took on her emotionally but emphasized her determination to rise above the challenges and refused to let the negativity consume her.

“Because no one will tell my story for me, I will tell it. Stop blaming “cartels” You got greedy. You lacked patience. I warned you. Instead you went out tarnishing my name saying I stole from you 15 million per month. Lol. Sasa kinawaramba. Nilisema one day the truth shall come out. Seems the day is here.”

Throughout the years, Mwalimu Rachel said that she had remained silent about the behind-the-scenes conflicts, choosing to focus on her own healing and rebuilding her reputation.

She expressed relief that the truth had finally come out after three long years, stating that she harbored no ill feelings toward the group and wished them well.

On June 9, Mwalimu Rachel revealed her profound regret in managing the popular Gengetone music group, Sailors.

In a conversation with an online media outlet, Mwalimu Rachel said managing Sailors is her biggest regret in life thus far.

“One of my biggest regrets is managing Sailors. Have you ever been locked up by the police? I have,” she said.

Sailors Gang is a popular Gengetone group that shot to fame with their hit single Wamlambez in 2018.

The group later separated with each group member going his separate way.

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