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Madtraxx reveals what led to the breakup of The Kansoul

Remember The Kansoul? A trio band that once ruled the airwaves fizzed out as fast as it stole the limelight.

The Kansoul constituted three heavyweight Mejja, Madtraxx and Kid Kora. However, after releasing a few club bangers, such as Nyongwa, No Woman No Party, Jinyce among other, cracks started to emerge.

The first to exit was Kid Kora who claimed his one-time friends were short changing him, leaving him out of shows and pocketing the loot while sidelining him.

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Mejja and Madtraxx co-existed for a few months before the two too parted ways. Mejja has remained the only active member of the group as far as music is concerned.

But what exactly happened between Mejja and Madtraxx. According to Madtraxx, difference in their music ideologies is what led to their parting of ways.

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“While I was ready to experiment with music, Mejja was not. I can’t claim to know his entire background but Mejja is the breadwinner for his family and when it comes to making music, it’s all about creating hits. On the other hand, I entered the music industry to elevate the game,” Madtraxx said.

With the divergent ideologies, Madtraxx says it was only best that each of them pursues his musical journey individually.

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