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Abel Mutua: Government tax on content creators will amount to double taxation

Content creator and scriptwriter Abel Mutua insists proceeds of creatives’ work should not be taxed as that would amount to double taxation.

The 36-year-old argues that content creators are already paying taxes one way or another and hence coming for what is left of them, doesn’t appear to be fair.

“What people don’t know is the fact that before we get our money from YouTube, YouTube has already taken 45 per cent. So because I am earning quite a bit from YouTube does that mean you double tax me? That’s the problem there.” Mutua said.

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“I don’t see any content creator who is not being taxed. If they are getting their money from YouTube already 45 per cent has been taken away. If they are getting they money from endorsements from the corporate, I am sure they are paying withholding tax there. So why double tax them that’s the problem,” he explained.

In his opposition against content creators paying tax as outlined in the new Finance Act, Mutua said much of what is being said on that subject is from a point of ignorance.

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“I think people are arguing from a point of ignorance and I am saying this with a lot of love. They do not know the intricacies of our world as content creators as I said with YouTube as a point in case,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mutua, who aspires to be a pilot in future, is already building himself his retirement home, a revelation made by his wife Judy Nyawira.

“We just bought land and plans are now to build a small retirement home for ourselves. Our daughter Mumbu is now 13, going to Form One and sooner or later she will leave us. So having a small beautiful house is an ideal plan for us,” Nyawira said.

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