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Maureen Waititu: I am ready for true love

Kenyan content creator and former model Maureen Waititu has come out to state that she longs for true love. 

In an interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, Maureen revealed that she is a single mother who yearns for love and companionship. She said believes that love is a beautiful and transformative experience that shapes one’s priorities as they mature.

“Love is a beautiful thing, there is just something about… leave alone breakups, but just growing up and realizing your priorities,” she said. 

Maureen said she now perceives love differently and that to her the ideal partner is not only a romantic interest but also a best friend.

“Personally, the person I would imagine in my life would have to be my best friend because when the butterflies are over you must face this person and ask where are we going,” she said. 

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Despite facing societal prejudices, particularly against single mothers being deemed undesirable due to perceived “baggage,” Maureen passionately defended her position.

She described single mothers are remarkable individuals who deserve love and affection. She pointed out that having children should not be an obstacle to finding love, as she takes full responsibility for her kids while acknowledging their father’s role in their lives.

“Single mums are dope. I don’t know whether it’s Kenya or Africa there is this whole notion that single mothers don’t deserve love. No, I’m a mother then there are kids, and the truth is yes we do come as a package, kids are my responsibility and they have their father. Me, I need love,” Maureen said with a chuckle. 

Maureen praised single mothers for their strength, resilience, and responsibility. She humorously remarked that although her schedule might require some juggling, she and other single moms are capable of handling their responsibilities without compromising their potential for a loving relationship.

For her, love and friendship are interconnected and essential for a fulfilling connection with a partner.

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“Let me tell you, some of the most amazing people to love. Yes, I’m speaking on behalf of all the single mums around the world, single mums are so dope. In as much as we will give you the calendar, you chose three months from now which day I’m available, we are dope, and responsible, and everything is good. But for me, friendship in love is very important,” she said. 

On her ideal companion, Maureen said she is seeking a partner who acknowledges their flaws and actively works on improving themselves, rather than remaining in denial and perpetuating a cycle of unaddressed issues. 

“Self-awareness coz weuh people are broken out there, broken is okay but are you self-aware, are you able to say I have this weakness, and I’m working on it other than being in denial and the cycle repeats itself,” she said

That said, Maureen expressed her desire to keep her love life private. Having learned from past experiences, she values privacy and believes that the authenticity of love lies in personal connections, not in proving anything to others. Her happiness stems from the authenticity of her private relationships.

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