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Miss Karun: This is why I’m not signed to any record label

Former Camp Mulla band member Karungari Mungai popularly known as Miss Karun has said she is glad that the band was never signed to a music record label.

Speaking while appearing on the Trend show on NTV, Karun said that had Camp Mulla been signed to a record label then people would definitely not have heard of her.

“I always think that if Camp Mulla was signed then I would have been screwed. I mean, you probably would have never heard from me ever again. It’s just how it works. For some reason they just like to lock artistes down. But things have changed and artistes have a lot more power and say but still some contracts can be really scary,” Miss Karun said.

The singer started her music career during her teenage years on Camp Mulla, where she was able to build a large following with her fellow group members. After the group’s unexpected split in 2013, she moved to Boston, USA to further her studies.

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The rest of Camp Mulla comprised Thee Mc Africa (previously known as The Taio Tripper), Shappaman and Marcus.

Miss Karun made her return in 2017 and soon after gave birth. She has since revealed that the child’s dad is Joseph Kiwango, a Tanzanian superstar.

In a past interview Miss Karun said the Kenyan music industry is yet to reach a place where it fully supports artistes grow and hone their talents.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 11 to 12 years and it still makes no sense. It’s still extremely difficult to continue thriving here. It still baffles me that we can keep going because the industry isn’t very forgiving,” she said.