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Musicians who sang for their lovers then they parted ways

Love is said to be a force with incredible power to inspire and motivate people to do extraordinary things.

One poignant example of how love can drive someone to create and achieve is the story of a musician who composes a heartfelt song for their lover.

As the relationship blossoms, the musician begins composing a song that encapsulates the depth of their feelings.

Every chord, lyric, and melody is carefully crafted to convey the unique connection they share. The song becomes a labor of love, a musical testament to their affection.

However, life is unpredictable, and circumstances sometimes take unexpected turns. Despite their deep love, external factors or personal choices lead the couple to make the heart-wrenching decision to part ways. It’s a painful realization that they may no longer be able to journey together.

Still, the song serves as a reminder of their once-fairytale love story.

Below are some of the musicians who have sung for their lovers but ended up partying ways;

Otile Brown

In his song Nabbayet, Otile, born Jacob Obunga, pours out his emotions to the Ethiopian lover Nabayet about his struggle with love. He expresses that though he possesses a heart full of love, his past experiences have led him to love in ways that resulted in mistakes. He laments how the scandals and rumors surrounding his relationships have hindered his ability to settle down, as he feels that he’s unfairly judged by women.

Otile acknowledges his efforts to change his behavior for the better, striving to leave behind his past mistakes. Despite his sincere attempts, he conveys his frustration that he’s still labeled a playboy and a heartbreaker by women who doubt his transformation. In a heartfelt plea, he directly addresses Nabayet, urging her to disregard the negative rumors and misconceptions.

He passionately asserts that he’s not the playboy he’s been portrayed as and that he’s genuinely committed to proving his sincerity. He expresses a willingness to prove his devotion, even going so far as to proclaim that if Nabayet were to propose marriage today, he would eagerly accept.

The two love birds started dating in March 2019 and dated till 2022 when Otile the Kenyan musical sensation confirmed that he and Nabayet agreed to go separate ways.

In a post on his Instagram stories, Otile said, “Nabbi and I are not together anymore… The last time was together was to try and figure out the way forward but we decided to go our separate ways unfortunately.”

Diamond Platnumz

In the song Utanipenda, Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz reflects on the uncertainties of love and fame. He questions whether his former partner, Zari Hassan, would still stand by him during difficult times, even if he becomes a subject of ridicule in the public eye.

Diamond describes his downfall, where he suddenly finds himself broke and back in his hometown of Tandale. He admits to financial struggles, debts, and even selling his property in Madale. His music is no longer being played on the radio, and TV stations are also ignoring him. His once-respected managerial position has lost its significance, and even close associates like Tale have distanced themselves.

Those who used to be his supportive fans have turned into adversaries, using Instagram to insult him. Even those who were close, like Kimwana, have abandoned him. Even a phone call to fellow artist Harmonize ends in shouting. He expresses the impact of local newspapers that exaggerate news, including claims that he’s been abandoned by Zari, his ex-partner.

He acknowledges that life’s uncertainties are real, and even though no one knows what the future holds, he emphasizes the importance of strong prayers to avoid becoming a public joke. The lyrics capture the vulnerability of fame and the fickleness of relationships. He warns against underestimating the changing tides of life, emphasizing the need for sincere prayer to avoid being abandoned by those who once seemed loyal.

Diamond and the Ugandan socialite Zari’s romance captured the online sphere, leaving many in shock. During their time together, the couple welcomed two children before eventually going their separate ways in 2018.

Accusations of infidelity began to dominate the narrative, transforming their once-sweet love story into a bitter dispute over actions and motives.

In a prior interview, Zari revealed that Diamond had been unfaithful to Hamisa Mobetto, resulting in the birth of a child from their affair.


In the song Deka, Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist Harmonize collaborates with Mabantu to reach out to his ex-lover, Frida Kajala, amidst swirling rumors of his infidelity. Harmonize’s aim is to rekindle her feelings and seek forgiveness for his alleged transgressions.

In a grand gesture, Harmonize goes beyond words by gifting Frida Kajala two Range Rover vehicles. He takes his apology to the public eye, putting up a billboard that serves as a public declaration of his regret. Additionally, he makes a permanent statement by getting a tattoo that conveys his plea for forgiveness.

Within the song, Harmonize takes a critical stance toward men who fail to invest in their partners. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships and supporting loved ones financially. He highlights his own efforts, mentioning how he personally splurged on cars, providing Frida Kajala with not just one, but two Range Rovers.

In contrast, Harmonize raises questions about those who offer minimal financial support and then act entitled. He uses a metaphor involving giving a mere 100,000 Tanzanian Shillings and then demanding change. He points out the irony of such a small amount being insufficient even for a simple meal of chips and chicken.

Even after making grand gestures in his apology, Harmonize and Kajala parted ways again in April with the details of their split lying majorly on infidelity. There have also been claims of a bitter contest over ownership of the two Range Rovers.

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