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Nairobians share experiences of being invited for a date at their partners’

By Sylvania Ambani September 17th, 2022 2 min read

Dating in the city of Nairobi can be a tricky affair especially with the many relationship status that include situationships and complicationships that have arisen.

But despite all these there are those few instances where a dating situation can go to the next level of inviting the other person to your house.

The experience from this outing can either be the deal breaker of the beginning of something new. And so the question is: What is the one thing that you found or saw at a date’s house that left you shocked?

This is what city men and women are busy giving their responses to online, sharing their different experiences.

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Here are some of the responses Kenyans gave:

“Nilipata heels kwake kumuuliza ni za nani akaniambia ni zake anavaanga akianika nguo ndio afikie kamba,” one online user said.

“Nilipata anatumia wheelchair kama kiti kwa nyumba,” another online user commented.

“Alipasua coconut with her bare hands… wueeh,” another online user wrote.

“I was surprised Mimi ndio alikuwa amengoja ninunue supper. Nkt!” one online user said.

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“Nilipata chopping board ya nyama imeandikwa John Kang’ethe Sunrise 23/4/1990 sunset 4/7 /2021,” another online user said.

“Nyumba ilipambwa kila kitu colour green… karibu nidhani nimeingia kwa M-Pesa,” one online user said.

“Whuee nilishangaa kuona anafunganga mlango wake na pingu,” another online user said.

“Nilipata babycot kwa nyumba yake akasema hiyo ye hutumia aki miss mamake anaingia hapo ndani,” one online user said.

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“Mashuka za kitanda zilikua za Kijabe Mission Hospital,” another online user said.

“Nikienda kwa bed nikapatana na sheet ya mama Lucy Hospital…” one online user said.

“Ameweka unga kwa ballot box kwanza ya president,” one online user said.

“Nilikaribishwa kwa mtungi ati ndio kiti, waah usione jamaa amengara nje ingia penye analala utashangaa,” another online user stated.

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