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New twist in rally drivers drama! Maxine is not an accused person in Asad Khan’s incident

The lawyer of rally driver Maxine Muringo Wahome has said that his client has not been accused of any wrongdoing regarding the injuries that Asad Khan sustained recently.

In a statement, Andrew Musangi said that as it stands, Maxine is not an accused person since she has not been charged with any offence nor has any accusation been made against her.

“She’s only being held to assist with investigations which she has agreed to willingly do. In this regard, she has from the word go, agreed to assist investigators in all aspects of the investigation including surrendering access to the apartment and all Mobile telecommunication devices,” Mr Musangi said.

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This comes even as Asad continues to fight for his life at the High Dependency Unit at the Avenue Hospital, Nairobi.

Asad is said to have sustained the injuries following a domestic spat with his girlfriend Maxine.

According to the lawyer, Maxine did not leave the premises until the police arrived to conduct the investigation, where she gave them full access to the apartment, and briefed them on everything that occurred that day.

“We informed the court that the injury was self-inflicted when the injured person alternated to kick a window in order to gain access to the balcony where Maxine had taken refuge.”

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“It shattered but he suffered a severe cut wound which bled significantly leading to his hospitalisation. Unfortunately, the injured person is not conscious and therefore is unable to confirm the events of that morning himself, but we are confident that upon his recovery the facts will be verified.”

He said that the court has since determined that the investigators should await Asad’s recovery in order to unravel full the factual situation.

The lawyer added that Maxine will continue to assist the investigating authorities, adding that she ought not to be deprived of her freedom when there are no compelling or plausible reasons to keep her in custody.

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In an exclusive interview with Daily Nation, Asad’s younger brother Adil, his brother lost a lot of blood after the brutal assault on Monday.

“My brother has been transfused 10 pints of blood at Avenue Hospital. We moved him from Nairobi Hospital to get blood group A-positive,” Adil said.

Adil said that his brother was injured by Maxine on Jamhuri Day after she allegedly returned home drunk from a dinner party she had attended on the night of December 11.

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“Maxine returned home drunk after a dinner party and a serious scuffle ensured, which left him with serious head and leg injuries.”

The Kenyan female celebrity was released on Sh100, 000 cash bail by Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi pending investigations.

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