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Njugush speaks about his family’s lasting bond with Abel Mutua’s

Content creators Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye have opened up on maintaining close friendships with fellow content creators Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira.

Speaking in an interview, the couple said their relationship with Abel and Judy had been rock solid even before they came into the limelight, something they have maintained all year long.

While many celebrity couples have been parting ways and their relationship failing, the quadruple has remained tight and close as the years’ progress.

So what has been their secret?

“If my mother starts singing and becomes famous and I too begin singing and also shine will we be enemies, really? There is something enshrined within us that is bigger than celebrity status. Something that is bringing you close together,” Njugush explained.

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Njugush also acknowledged that Judy was his manager from 2019 to 2021.

“She was working in a big media station and we asked her to help us get an online manager. She enquired what work the manager would be doing and I explained. The next day she asked us whether we could go for a meeting to meet up with the manager. We were so excited and agreed. Little did we know she was the manager,” Njugush recalled.

“When we started working together, she became her own brand and people started approaching her. On the other hand, Abel has started doing his ‘Mkurugenzi’ shows and is attracting some fans. When a fly becomes serious it starts making honey. So Abel needed support and Judy had to go to help her hubby out,” the comedian said.

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Last year, Celestine revealed that Judy paid up for her wedding gown. Celestine recounted how she told Judy that they did not have money then and had to budget for a lot of things for their wedding in 2016.

She had only known Judy for about two months when she took her to shop for the gown as her best maid. Judy walked her into one of the most expensive shops and took care of the bill.

“Through Tim, I met Judy and Abel. At first I was a bit scared but she was so warm and they played a big part in our wedding. They were our best couple. Judy took me gown shopping but she walked me into the most expensive shop and I had to tell her it to tell her I cannot afford it and she told me not to worry. Do you know she paid for it and we barely know each other?”

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