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House help chronicles: Nominated MCA’s encounter with a rude housemaid

We have heard all sorts of distressing stories about house helps; from the randy ones who entertain their lovers at their places of work in the absence of their employers, to the demented perverts who mistreat, abuse or even molest children left under their care.

The worst cases are those of house helps who turn into criminals as was the recent tragic case of Kilifi Chief Officer for Fisheries and Blue Economy Ms Rahab Karisa who was stabbed to death by her housemaid at her home.

The husband of the deceased has since revealed that his wife had questioned the house help over some items that reportedly went missing while she was on a work trip in Europe.

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The deceased had threatened to report the house help to the police before retiring to bed. Little did she know that the night would be her last.

The house help is reported to have fatally stabbed Ms Karisa while she was asleep before fleeing the scene.

With this incident still being investigated by the police, a nominated Member of Murang’a County Assembly (MCA) has shared her own experience with her rude house help.

Ms Sharleen Wambui, who is also a former student leader at Mount Kenya University (MKU), has recounted an incident that happened over the weekend that left her utterly shocked.

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“So my house manager, whom I have been with for five months, has just arrived in the house at 9:30pm. I have politely asked her where she has been and she rudely responded, ‘wachana na mimi nilikuwa shughuli zangu‘,” Wambui wrote on social media.

The MCA said she was dismayed by the response of house help, who then announced that she was quitting her job there and then.

“I will just count her dues and pay her but I doubt it is safe if she leaves now which she is insisting,” the MCA said.

Bearing in mind the Kilifi incident, Ms Wambui said she chose not to stop the house help before an evidently bad situation got worse, or even tragic.

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