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Noti Flow and King Alami: The ‘most toxic’ Kenyan celebrity couple

Noti Flow and King Alami have had an intriguing and often much talked about relationship within the Kenyan music scene. The couple’s love journey has been marked by both public displays of affection and moments of controversy, making them a subject of fascination for their fans and followers.

Word on the street is that Noti and Alami may be back together following their recent Instagram story updates, and many people are not having it. 

King Alami with Noti Flow.
King Alami with Noti Flow. PHOTO|COURTESY

Noti Flow, however, prior to the rumours, settled responded to queries about their relationship.

The Foto Moto hitmaker said she officially ended things with Alami, and in a series of messages confessed that dating Alami has been so toxic and had taken a toll on her.

“People still asking me about my ex-girl. Really, it’s either y’all arrogant or missed my stories that day.”

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She added that it makes her sad having to revisit the topic of Alami when she is happy and has moved on.

The couple split in December last year.

Their relationship went south after King Alami’s family blamed Noti Flow for the incident that led to Alami falling down an apartment building in 2022.

Noti flow with King Alami1
Rapper Noti Flow with King Alami PHOTO | COURTESY

But Noti Flow has always refuted these claims.

“She and I used to talk daily when she was in hospital. I’d even spend nights in the hospital at the visitor’s waiting bay in the cold since I wasn’t allowed in her room,” she said.

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Noti Flow even said she contemplated suicide.

“But then I thought Armman needed me the most at that time. I also knew I would hurt my mum. She loved me so much. She wouldn’t survive the news.”

The two hit it off after Noti Flow, known for her explicit lyrics and confident persona, crossed paths with King Alami, a rising star in the Gengetone music genre and their connection grew beyond the professional realm, and they soon became romantically involved.

A photo showing a tatoo of musician Noti Flow on King Alami’s back. PHOTO | COURTESY

The news of their relationship quickly spread across social media platforms, generating a buzz among their fan bases.

The couple embraced their status as a power couple within the Kenyan music industry, often posting affectionate pictures and declarations of love on their social media accounts.

Nonetheless, Noti Flow and King Alami over the period of their relationship faced scrutiny and criticism from the public, who often voiced concerns about the explicit nature of their music and public displays of affection. Some questioned whether their relationship was genuine or merely a publicity stunt to boost their careers.

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