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Ommy Dimpoz unveils ‘secret’ marriage with American partner

Tanzanian music icon Ommy Dimpoz has disclosed his recent marriage during an interview with Wasafi Media. 

The star, known for his hit songs and captivating performances, disclosed that he is set to embark on a journey to the United States in the near future. The purpose of his trip is to join his newlywed spouse, hailing from the U.S., a well-kept secret that has caught many of his fans off guard.

Ommy Dimpoz candidly shared that the clandestine nuptials took place in February. However, he chose to refrain from divulging further intricacies about their relationship, respecting the privacy that both he and his partner hold dear.

The artist revealed, “Baada ya Wasafi Festival ntaenda U.S. kwa sababu nilioa raia wa Marekani na tulifunga ndoa papa kimya kimya,” which translates to, “[I will travel to the U.S. after the Wasafi Festival since I married from the States and it was a secret wedding].”

When inquired about the reason behind marrying someone from a different continent, Ommy Dimpoz clarified that he and his now-wife encountered one another in the United States. Moreover, he disclosed that she had visited Tanzania before their union, indicating a strong connection that transcended borders.

On the subject of pregnancy, the artiste politely declined to answer, classifying it as a personal matter deserving of discretion.

In a poignant moment of the interview, Ommy Dimpoz was questioned about the tragic passing of his former partner, Maya Mia, in December 2022.

With a somber tone, he addressed their relationship, stressing that they shared a close bond. Shedding light on her time in Tanzania, he shared that Maya Mia had resided in the country for an extended period and had acquired proficiency in Swahili.

He pointed out that ongoing investigations surround her unfortunate demise, acknowledging the prevalent narrative of suicide while expressing reluctance to delve deeper into the matter.

Regarding speculations about Maya’s involvement with Idris Sultan, another notable figure, Ommy Dimpoz underlined that she had formed numerous friendships during her stay in Tanzania. Drawing parallels, he noted that Idris Sultan, too, boasts a wide circle of acquaintances.

Explaining his preference for a private love life, Ommy Dimpoz emphasized the value of not sharing every facet of one’s personal affairs on social media platforms.

He cited the example of Joh Makini, who shares glimpses of his son but maintains his wife’s privacy.

The artiste acknowledged society’s curiosity about public figures’ lives while advocating for the significance of setting and respecting boundaries.