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Pastor Dorcas Gachagua intensifies her campaign for boy child’s welfare

The wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, has intensified her campaign to safeguard the welfare of the boy child.

Speaking on Thursday Pastor Gachagua vowed to pray until the Lord grants the boy child victory.

“I will not allow Satan to advance his agenda and destroy the seed carrier. Not under my watch,” Pastor Gachagua said, adding that the boy child needs deliverance.

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Pastor Gachagua further said that the plight of the boy child is among the things that keep her awake at night.

“I am not just advocating for boy child here in Mount Kenya. I have been to Nairobi, Nandi, Bungoma and I will travel to other parts of the world to advocate the same,” she said.

She also said she is eagerly awaiting to have grandchildren.

“I am working very hard because I want to be named. If the devil continues pursuing the boy child, where will our girls get husbands? That’s why I keep on praying for our men.”

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Just two days ago, Pastor Gachagua called on leaders, teachers and the clergy in the western region to actively participate in rescuing the boy child from a path of destruction.

The Second Lady said the current leaders and the church should watch out for Generation Z, not waste away in alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

“The satanic agenda is to destroy the boy child. He is the seed carrier, who propagates generations. If the seed carrier is eliminated, even the girl child will not have a chance of becoming a mother. So, when I address the issues affecting the boy child, they also touch on the girl child,” she said.

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