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Pastor Dorcas Gachagua: LGBTQ+ is a Satanic agenda

Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, the wife Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, has spoken out against the LGBTQ+ agenda, terming it as ungodly, and a foreign concept which does not support family values.

Speaking in Bungoma County on Tuesday, the Second Lady said LGBTQ is a taboo in the African tradition.

“Legally, LGBTQ is criminal; constitutionally, LGQBT is disallowed, in the African tradition LGBTQ is a taboo, and the Bible also says LGBTQ is an abomination,” she said.

She called on the leaders, teachers and the clergy in the Western Region to make a difference and rescue ‘Generation Z’, especially the boy child, from a path of destruction.

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She said ‘Generation Z’ was lost in alcohol, drug and substance abuse, but as they are the future leaders, the current leaders and church must not watch as they waste away. She affirmed that the country must have a male conversation.

“The satanic agenda is to destroy the boy child. He is the seed carrier, who propagates generations. If the seed carrier is eliminated, even the girl child will not have a chance of becoming a mother. So, when I address the issues affecting the boy child, they also touch on the girl child,” Pastor Gachagua said.

In March, DP Gachagua similarly condemned the Supreme Court ruling that allowed LGBTQ+ members to register an NGO in Kenya.

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“Those are satanic beliefs, and we do not want them. They contradict what we believe in. We shall not condone any attempts to legitimise LGBTQ actions in Kenya. Our values must be respected and in no way shall we turn back,” said Gachagua at the time.

“President Ruto is God-fearing, he’s a man of faith, he will do what needs to be done. In any case, we have our traditions and customs and what they are suggesting is repugnant to morality and our way of life,” he added.

Gachagua’s sentiments came a week after the Supreme Court ruled that denying LGBTQ+ community the right to register as non-profit organizations was discriminatory.

Human rights activists hailed the ruling as a watershed moment for LGBTQ+ rights in Kenya, where homosexuality is outlawed by the constitution.

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